It's Grumpy Spice! Dermot brands Mel B 'heartless' as X Factor guest judge!

Mel B X Factor

X Factor host Dermot O'Leary is seen branding guest judge Mel B heartless in tonight's opening audition show.

This evening's first episode features auditions from both London and Wales with Nicole Scherzinger and Manchester with Mel B.

But Scary Spice is more Grumpy Spice, with her harsh putdowns stunning everyone!

She tells one young hopeful: "I'm going to give you a big reality check, you should not be singing, find something else to do, it’s a waste of time for you, it’s a definite no from me."

While a girl group is told: "The dancing was lazy and sloppy, one of you were doing it half heartedly"

The 90's popstar brands one try out "the worst audition, ever", to the shock of the fellow judges.

She tells them: "I can’t help it, I really try and contain it, but that was just shocking!"

And one 82-year-old grandfather is also on the receiving end of Mel B's harsh words.

"I actually wanted to fall asleep," she says.

Speaking backstage, Dermot reacts: "Where is her heart?!"

Gary quipped: "After the comments today, I’ll be surprised if you sleep tonight!"

But Mel B insisted: "I’m sorry, I have to be honest."

Browse snaps of the X Factor 2012 auditions below...

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