X Factor 2012: Zoe Alexander's audition is most explosive yet!

Zoe (X Factor 2012)

The X Factor 2012 sees the most dramatic audition in the history of the show tonight, as Zoe Alexander takes to the stage.

The 22-year-old is a Pink tribute act from Caerphilly, South Wales.

Zoe tells the panel: "I call myself Zoe Alexander, as Pink. But we want to get rid of the ‘as Pink’, and just want to be Zoe Alexander."

She explains: "I have been doing the Pink tribute act for about two years now. It’s the best thing in the world when you love your job. Cause I get to perform, it makes me so happy and it makes other people happy and that makes me happy, I just want to please people.

"Doing well today would be an absolute dream come true, it means everything to me, it’s what I do, I’m not really very good at anything else, it means a lot to me."

And tribute singing runs in the family for Zoe, with her dad a Tom Jones tribute act and her mum a Shania Twain impersonator.

On stage and Zoe performs Pink's So What, much to the judges' annoyance.

Tulisa told her: "Okay see the problem is, you came out saying that you wanted to find your own identity, it’s very confusing for me because I did feel like I was watching a Pink tribute act

Asked for a second song, Zoe performed Emeli Sande's Next To Me but it failed to win over the panel.

Nicole told her: "I really like your energy up there, I think you have a pretty good voice, I honestly think that you need to go away and find yourself as an artist, who you are."

And Gary added: "Yea Zoe, I’m confused with the identity issue, coming out saying you wanted an identity and then you sing Pink, I thought that the second song was much better, but I do think you need to go away and really find your own lane and find what sounds right for your voice, because at the moment it just sounds like every other average sort of singing voice."

Zoe Alexander

But an angry Zoe hit back: "You told me to sing a Pink song! I didn’t want to sing a Pink song, you guys told me to sing a Pink song."

She added: "I didn’t want to sing a Pink song, I wanted to be me, you guys told me to sing a Pink song."

Tulisa and Louis insisted: "We never told you to sing a Pink song."

Gary backed up his fellow panelists: "Listen, we had a second song from you as well"

Storming off stage before the judges had even given an answer, Zoe throws her microphone onto the stage and storms off pushing the cameraman and crew out of the way.

And just when you think it's all over, Zoe’s dad marches up to the stage, and comes onto stage with Zoe.

Feeling threatened as security step in, Tulisa warns: "Don’t come down, stay on the stage, stay on the stage."

Storming back off stage after screaming profanities at the panel, the judges can only hear the chaos going on behind the scenes.

"It’s really kicking off back there," remarks Gary. "She’s just hit the camera man!"

The X Factor airs tonight on ITV1.

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