Louis Walsh say X Factor 2012 opener is 'best first show ever'

Louis Walsh (X Factor 2012)

X Factor judge Louis Walsh reckons that the opening episode to the new series is the best first show ever.

The Irish music mogul claimed that tomorrow night's premiere is a must watch for both the talent and the drama.

Having spent nine years on the show, it's quite a remark from the boy band manager!

But Louis insisted: "It's the best first show ever, this year the contestants can sing anything, we've got lots of talent.

"The drama is still there, but the talent is there too. It's a different series, you're going to be really surprised."

He added: "I've been doing it nine years but its always exciting, It's the best job on TV. This series is amazing."

Louis also revealed he hadn't decided about his future on the show after admitting he'd love to stay for 10 years on the panel.

He said: "If i get ten years I'll be more than happy but at the moment I'm focusing on this series!"

The 60-year-old also backed changes to this year's rules which have welcomed professional acts with managers as well as original song writers.

He raved: "The talent all round is better, we've got a lot of original artists."

We've seen tomorrow's first episode and it's certainly a dramatic one, and we can't disagree with Louis' claims!

[cat]The X Factor[/cat] airs at 8PM on ITV1 on Saturday night.

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