X Factor 2012: Louis brands Tulisa a 'one hit wonder'!

Louis Walsh (X Factor 2012)

Louis Walsh has taken another swipe at fellow X Factor judge Tulisa, branding her a one hit wonder!

It follows Tulisa's comments earlier this week about Louis, asking 'When did he last have a hit?'

Those comments were in turn a response to Louis branding her a "chav" and too big for her boots.

"I've sold millions of records, I've had 30 number ones - when did she last have a hit?" asked Louis Walsh at yesterday's press launch. "I'm not old, I'm just experienced. She's young, she's got no experience.

"What does she know? She's had one hit! I just tell it like it is."

However both Tulisa and Louis played down any real feud between them with Tulisa saying: "He knows what he's doing."

Louis added: "It was a joke but she is a little bit in a good way.

"We always have fun, it wasn't meant in a bad way."

"We're really good friends but I like to tell it like it is," he said.

X Factor judges and presenters
X Factor judges and presenters

Tulisa also rubbished any rivalry between her and Nicole, saying: "It's rubbish, a load of rubbish."

She teased: "It's on the live shows that you see the real spats!"

[cat]The X Factor[/cat] UK airs this Saturday night on ITV1.

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