The Voice UK's Danny O'Donoghue teams up with on new track

Danny O'Donoghue (The Voice UK)

The Voice UK coaches and Danny O'Donoghue have teamed up for a new song.

Danny and his The Script bandmates have joined up with Black Eyed Peas star for Will for a new single for their next album.

The track - Hall Of Fame - will be released on radio on Monday and will be released for download in September.

“I played Will a few demos backstage early on in The Voice," Danny explained. "We got to Hall Of Fame and he immediately asked if he could have it for his new album, as it was exactly what he was looking for."

The Irish singer told The Sun: “I wasn’t having it, it was our lead single but I asked if he’d be on it. He agreed and we booked in time to record it.

“The problem is, he’s either late or completely flakes, so it took four attempts to get him to record his part.

“Eventually we put it together in his hotel room in 15 minutes.

“It’s a classic duet, I do one line and he responds. We’re really excited about it and hoping we’ll get out and do it live too.”

Will previously praised Danny for his love of music.

The 'This Is Love' hitmaker gushed: “Danny [O'Donoghue] is super-cool. I never thought I’d meet somebody who talked about music every second.

"Like, we were sitting eating a sandwich and he was like ‘I’ve just written a song about this sandwich.’"

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