The Voice UK: already recording with Tyler James, Jaz Ellington and Jay Norton! (The Voice UK)

The Voice UK coach has revealed he's already recording with some of his artists on the show.

Speaking after yesterday's final, which saw Team Tom singer Leanne Mitchell walk away with the record contract, Will insisted that his artists wouldn't go ignored.

"I’ve already started recording with Tyler James, Jaz Ellington and Jay Norton," he said today. “The annoying thing for me is people go on these shows but it takes forever for their albums to come out. I wanted to do The Voice because I want to speed up the process.

"I just want to come live in London and do that.”

And Will had extra special praise for his finalist Tyler.

"I’ve recorded tracks with Tyler already and we are planning to record more in LA," Will told the Daily Star Sunday today. “Tyler is needed in the music industry. The world needs Tyler because he is a survivor.

“There are a lot of kids out there that are going through a lot of tough things and Tyler can be their hero because he’s been there and gotten out of it.

“He’s seen dark places and menacing things but has come out the other side.”

Tyler himself revealed: “I’m ­definitely going to be working with Will. I’d love to do a single with him.

“I have hundreds of ideas and songs in my head so I’m ready for the hard work to begin.”

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