The Voice UK finals: Tyler James sings 'I'll Be There' (VIDEO)

Tyler James

Tyler James impressed on The Voice UK final tonight, singing a Michael Jackson hit.

In her final bid for votes, Tyler went all out with 'I'll Be There', showing off his wonderful falsetto voice once again.

Danny said: "Fantastic performance, a crystal clear falsetto, I thought I could sing high but you, man!"

Jessie remarked: "We still haven't been out for dinner, Tyler!

"The fact that you sang the woman's part and the man's part is impressive, I was like 'Wow!', you were basically duetting with yourself."

Sir Tom commented: "Tyler put his whole life into it, you can feel that coming across. I think you're definitely going to get the ladies votes."

Finally, Tyler's coach said: "So, I had the pleasure of working and knowing Michael Jackson, and if he heard you sing that, he'd be proud. You sing it wonderfully, you're a gentleman."

Speaking to host Holly, Tyler said: "It just feels amazing, just being here is amazing. Every single one of you has changed my life, so thank you."

Watch Tyler James on The Voice UK final below…

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