The Voice UK: Our favourite performances from the live shows

Hannah Berney

As The Voice UK final approaches, we reveal our favourite five live performances from the shows so far, and it was a hard choice to make.

Perhaps notably, most of our selection comes from acts who haven't made the final, whether that's the coaches getting it wrong or our opinions being quite different, we're not sure!


Hannah Berney

WE LOVE HANNAH AND IT WAS A TRAVESTY SHE WENT SO EARLY! Hannah's first live performance was amazing, a brilliant mashup that should've kept her in. Unfortunately, Hannah had the problem of being in arguably the most talented and competitive team. In the bottom two alongside Danny's clear favourite Max, it was obvious who was going to be leaving that night. We were sobbing from the audience 🙁


Frances wood

Frances Wood is quite good, her performance of Ain't Nobody was amazing. (We'll leave the rhyming to Frances, like Hannah, was one of our favourites who was lost too soon to the cruel world of reality telly eliminations. Her first performance, like Hannah's, has been in our heads since it aired! Watch it again below...


Becky Hill

ALL OF THEM. We're in love with Becky's voice. It's so unique, rusky and also rather sexy, we can't get enough of it! All of her live performances was different, and yet all so great to listen to. We'll be first in line to buy her debut album.




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