The Voice UK: David Julien interview: 'Everyone else was more gutted than me'

David Julien

David Julien was one of four acts to leave the spotlight on The Voice UK this weekend, we caught up with him today for a quick chat about his time on the show.

Team Danny singer David was eliminated on Sunday alongside Aleks Josh, as [tag]Bo Bruce[/tag] and [tag]Max Milner[/tag] made the semi-finals.

But despite his exit, David claimed that his pals were more upset than he was!

He told us: "It's been awesome, I think everyone is more gutted than I am! Even the production team were like 'I'm going to miss you' and I was like 'no, I'm going to cry!'"

The 23-year-old had nothing but praise for Danny, saying: "As a coach, he was great, almost like a friend, the advice and coaching has has given is invaluable, not every day you get that from The Script!

"I got to talk to him in the bar [after the elimination], he said it was such a difficult decision and he just hopes he made the right one."

David laughed: "Obviously, I thought it wasn't, but I've got his number so I'll be able to contact him and his mangers number for advice."

Asked what his plans were for the year ahead, David told us: "I've got plans personally to be doing something by Christmas, I either want to be in the studio or have a single out. Recording an album will be amazing."

David also revealed he was backing his pal [tag]Bo Bruce[/tag] to win the show now, and reckoned that the 27-year-old would be a dark horse.

"I think Bo's unique enough," he explained. "I think the public might start to think that Jaz [Ellington] and Ruth [Brown] are possibly safe and start to vote for someone else. That's a scary thing, where you're so popular that people think you're going to be fine."

And, finally, that special woman that David was singing to with his Maroon 5 track at the weekend?

"I've not heard from her, I don't think she even knew it was about her!" he added.

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