Last night's Voice UK was a shambles... and we loved every minute!

Team Danny

Last night's Voice UK was quite a shambles from start to finish, but we loved every moment of it.

Until this evening we've found the Voice UK live shows rather lacking, but it was only tonight that it seemed to get going.

It's just a shame for the format that the show had to turn into an X Factor rip off to do it.

Last night saw technical hitches, swearing, bizarre dresses, arguments and some of the most overused reality telly cliches ever.

[tag]Jessie J[/tag] set the tone for the evening as she botched her opening group performance, but even after restarting to make sure it was "perfect", the 24-year-old was out-performed by her own singers.

Then the coaches seemed to think they had been hired by [tag]Simon Cowell[/tag], with arguments over song choices, outfits and staging.

Little comment was actually made about the Voice.

And the less said about Jessie and Sir Tom's awkward 'cow' chat, the better.

As for the singers themselves, last night's show really failed to hit many of the right notes. Stand outs for us including [tag]Bo Bruce[/tag], [tag]Vince Kidd[/tag] and Becky Hill[/tag], but we felt let down by a lot of the budding stars.

Danny came under fire for "safe" song choices and we agree, if it weren't for the coaches antics, yesterday's show would've been a bore.

Although Danny was quick to make excuses with some of the worst sob stories ever seen on reality telly, including "she has a bad back".

The show then ended as it begun, with a bizarre group performance that was brilliant for all of the wrong reasons.

Just like Jessie, Danny found himself being outsung by his artists (including "only 17" Aleks Josh) as they performed a bizarre stage show to Goyte's Somebody I Used To Know.

But for us, all the problems, cock ups and bickering made this weekend's live show the best yet.

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