The Voice UK artists want to sing original material (but they're not allowed!)

Matt and Sueleen

Eliminated artists from The Voice UK have claimed that they were banned from singing their original material.

Many of the stars on the show are song-writers, but weren't allowed to perform their own tracks.

"We did the Beautiful South and Bruce Springsteeen in the competition; they're not songs we would have ever chosen but we got given them as the general idea was: It's the BBC - an at-home audience who you need to sing something acceptable for, something that people are going to recognise," Matt & Sueleeen said this week.

They added: "We would love to have performed our own songs, it would be a really good idea if for one week the acts performed their own material and it was judged on song writing ability. There are quite a few artists in the competition who are songwriters as well."

Frances Wood, who was also given the axe at the weekend, revealed to us she wanted to sing her own tracks with a piano.

She said: “I really wanted to pay the piano and sing slow ballads, and even in the blinds, the things I wore and the things I sung weren’t the things I’d have picked, just what I was given.”

But the youngster wasn't upset about having to perform more upbeat tracks.

She explained: “I liked that they were giving me challenges and stuff that I was uncomfortable with, so when people saw the stuff I normally do, they’d be surprised.

“I think it’s about testing people and pushing them them out of their boundaries.

“It was fine and nice to spice up the show with some upbeat numbers.”

Listen to one of Frances' original tracks below...

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