The Voice UK: Frances Wood interview: 'I've not lost anything'

Frances Wood

Frances Wood was one of the latest eliminees on The Voice UK at the weekend, and we caught up with her yesterday for a quick chat about her time on the show.

The 18-year-old from Wakefield was axed along with Joelle Moses on Team on Sunday, as [tag]Jaz Ellington[/tag] and [tag]Tyler James[/tag] made the semi-finals.

Speaking about her exit, Frances was feeling rather philosophical.

"I'm feeling fine, I guess at first it was gutting but afterwards I was like it's fine, there's worst things that have happened in life. I've not lost anything, only gained a lot of exposure and fans," she said positively.

And Frances was keen to praise not only coach [tag][/tag], but also his whole army of backstage staff.

"Will was great, what everyone doesn't seen how amazing he is back stage with production, not just Will but all his team, really supportive. Everybody involved was amazing," Frances told us.

But she confessed that [tag]Danny O'Donoghue[/tag]'s impression hadn't totally won her over.

"It's funny, but still has a bit of work, it's between Will and Sir Tom, it has a bit of Welsh!" she laughed.

The teenager from Yorkshire revealed that, if she had it her way, we'd have seen a lot more different performances from her.

"I really wanted to play the piano and sing slow ballads and even in the blinds, the things I wore and the things I sung weren't the things I've have picked, just what I was given," Frances explained.

But she insisted that she wasn't annoyed by the song choices given to her.

The talented youngster went on: "I liked that they were giving me challenges and stuff that I was uncomfortable with, so when people saw the stuff I usually do, they'd be surprised.

"I think it's about testing people and pushing them out of their boundaries. It was fine and nice to spice up the show with some faster numbers."

Asked who she was backing to win, Frances was coy about giving even a name.

She gushed: "It's really hard because everyone is so different, everyone is so incredible. I think there's a lot of dark horses.

"I like Bo's voice, and David's voice, and then Leanne, her performance sat was outstanding, there's so many amazing people in the in the competition and I think it's more to do about taste than talent."

And while Frances ruled out any more reality shows, the determined star told us to look out for her on the telly performing in the future.

She said: "No more talent shows for me, but you will hopefully see me on your screens again soon because I'm going to keep working extremely hard, and I'm hoping someone will see that potential and help me in the industry"

You can follow Frances on twitter @FrancesRWood.

[cat]The Voice UK[/cat] continues on BBC One on Saturday at 6:30PM.

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