The Voice UK: Team Will's artists hit by vomiting bug!

Frances Wood

The Voice UK artists on Team Will have reportedly come down with a nasty vomiting bug, stopping them from rehearsals.

It's even left [tag]Frances Wood[/tag] bed ridden, back at her Wakefield home.

“Frances is the most sick," a supposed source told The Sun today. "She’s so young and small that it’s really hit her hard — she’s been knocked clean off her feet. She’s back with her mum now.”

The source added: “Jaz [Ellington] and Joelle [Moses] are trying their best but there is nothing worse than performing while being ill — and they really are ill.

“They can barely get through a song without wanting to hurl.

God knows how distracting Jessie J will find that.

Only [tag]Tyler James[/tag] has avoided the bug, but fears he will catch it if he hangs around with the others!

Team Tom on the other hand seem to be immune, or perhaps they all opted for the vegetarian option at the studio canteen...

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