The Voice UK: Ruth Ann St Luce brands coaches "unprofessional"

Ruth Ann St Luce

Eliminated Voice UK contestant Ruth Ann St Luce has branded the show's coaches "unprofessional".

The singer was (somewhat unsurprisingly) axed from the show last night after her first live performance on Saturday.

Speaking after her exit, Ruth hit out at the show's editing, saying: "The comments of the judges play a big part in whether the public want to vote for you or not.

“In my blind audition and the battle round the last comments people saw of me were negative, but the judges had said positive things."

She went on: “I thought that was really unfair and didn’t make any sense. It’s unprofessional. They didn’t show my full performances or my comments — everyone else had their comments shown."

Speaking to The Sun, Ruth Ann also criticised after he branded her "pitchy" following her song at the weekend.

“Last week he said a lot of people were pitchy but then he said it doesn’t matter," she (quite rightly) pointed out. “But with me, he made it a big thing. The public love the judges and they’re going to go by what the judges say.”

And Ruth-Anne claimed to the newspaper: "Back home last night a lot of people told me their votes weren’t getting through.”

A BBC spokesperson however insisted: "There were no reported issues. The vote was scrutinised and independently verified.”

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