The Voice UK results: Ruth Ann St Luce leaves Team Jessie

Ruth Ann St Luce leaves

Ruth Ann St Luce became the first act to leave Team Jessie in tonight's latest Voice UK 2012 results show.

The 20-year-old was in the bottom two with Toni Warne after Vince Kidd, Cassius Henry & Becky Hill were saved by the public vote.

Deciding who to save between Ruth Ann and Toni, Jessie reasoned: “Toni, I feel like people haven’t seen the best of you yet. Your vocal abilities are so extreme that when I’m in rehearsals with you I’m just – wow. The things that you can do with your voice and the things that you’ve overcome... as I said, your voice is timeless.

"Ruth Ann – you’re 18. And I will repeat myself in saying that the things that you can do with your voice so many singers would dream to be able to do. But you do have issues with pitch. It’s frustrating because the world gets to see maybe three performances so far of you, really properly.

"The one thing I will say is that the only thing that you don’t have is consistency. That’s something that comes with experience and time and learning your craft and that’s all it is. There are times when you’ve sung that song and it’s been 100% perfect, and we know that, people here may not know that yet – but I know that, and I need you to know that your path is just gleaming."

Making her final choice, Jessie declared: "This is not the end for either of you. The person that I’m going to be saving... is Toni”.

As a result, Ruth Ann St Luce left the competition tonight.

Speaking to host Holly after her exit this evening, Ruth said: "It’s been a crazy rollercoaster doing this show, I’ve learned so much from Jessie – in fact from all of you guys [the coaches], some of the comments you’ve made and said to me have been life changing. This is not the end.”

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