The Voice UK: Adam Isaac rocks the first live show (VIDEO)

Adam Isaac

Adam Isaac rocked out on the first Voice UK live final tonight to make coach Sir Tom Jones proud.

The 29-year-old singer performed All My Life by the Foo Fighters on the opening show this evening. said: "From here it just looked energetic, the band was rocking, your voice was screaming... but with all that energy it seemed like you were playing a little bit gently. If you were rocking out a bit more it'd..."

Adam interrupted: "I hurt my arm when I fell off the stage in rehearsals and have a chipped bone, so I was a little bit restrained in what I could do."

Will replied: "I didn't know that, if you're singing with a chipped bone then I take my hat off for you!"

Jessie J told Adam: "Can I just say you're so adorable, as a coach, when you go to the high notes, relax your jaw. "

Danny O'Donoghue added: "I really hope it came across at home the same way it did here. You're bringing rock to a new audience. Little bit pitchy but rock's not about pitchy."

Finally, Adam's coach Sir Tom Jones said only: "He was awesome."

What did you think of Adam's performance? Leave your views below!

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