The Voice UK's Sir Tom Jones reveals his bad temper!

Tom Jones (The Voice UK)

The Voice UK coach Sir Tom Jones has revealed he has a very bad temper!

Despite usually looking cool and calm on stage, the Sex Bomb singer has revealed he's had to teach himself to remain out of trouble!

"I have a temper that frightens me. When I was younger I got into fights," the Welsh legend tells the Radio Times this week.

He explains: "Now I’m older, I can’t get into any bother. Some people explode and are cool again within five minutes. I can’t be like that.

"Now if I explode, I’m the one who’s going to die. I’m an old man. I’m happy and everything’s great, so leave me alone."

Look out Team Tom's artists!

The Voice UK live shows start this week and it'll be Tom and Will's team who face the stage first.

Matt & Sueleen, Adam Isaac, Leanne Mitchell, Ruth Brown and Sam Buttery will all perform live for the public votes, and one will leave.

It all starts this Saturday night at 7PM on BBC One!

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