The Voice 2012: offers Jenny Jones a record contract?

Jenny Jones - The Voice UK

The Voice UK coach has reportedly offered Jenny Jones a record contract, after kicking her out of the competition.

We saw Jenny leave the show on Saturday night after a huge battle with [tag]Joelle Moses[/tag], as the pair tackled I'm Every Woman by Chaka Khan.

According to The Sun however, Will was quick to offer Jenny a deal of his own, despite it being a breach of his own contract on the series.

It's a moved than angered BBC bosses, after Will made a similar offer to Jay Norton after picking Jaz Ellington in the battles.

“The whole point of the competition is that if he wanted her, he should have picked her on the show," a source told the newspaper.

An insider at the Beeb added: “He can’t do anything with Jenny until after the show and nothing formal has been offered to her.”