David Julian is final Voice UK finalist after battle with John James Newman

David Julien (The Voice UK)

David Julien completed the line up of finalists on The Voice UK live shows this evneing after beating John James Newman in the battle rounds.

"John's a professional and been around the block, then there's David who's wet behind the ears. It's David vs Goliath," Danny admitted in rehearsals.

"I feel like I'm the rookie of the bunch, there's a bit of insecurity there," David confessed. "[John James] has so many strengths, so many..."

John James said he wouldn't hold back: "I'm going to go out there and give it everything I've got, David won't know what him."

After the performance of Dakota by the Stereophonics, Danny was left with a tough decision.

He said: "I’ve enjoyed the both of you immensely.

"David, I’ve heard things in your voice that I’d like to have in mine. There’s a height and a purity to your tone.

"But with John James you’ve got that signature tone – you’ve got what I came on the show looking for."

Concluding, The Script star added: "This is probably honestly the hardest decision I’ve had to make, as Tom said, in my life. The person I’m going to take through to the live shows is David."

Watch [tag]David Julien[/tag] take on John James Newman on The Voice UK below...

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