The Voice UK battles: Sophie Griffin wins against J Marie Cooper (VIDEO)

Sophie Griffin - The Voice UK

Sophie Griffin managed to beat J Marie Cooper on The Voice UK tonight, making it through to the live shows next weekend.

Their coach pitched experienced backing singer J Marie against the youngster, revealing: “J Marie is power house, Sophie, I want to challenge her. I want her to feel it’s impossible, to bring the best out of her.”

Sophie confessed that she is nervous of facing the 27-year-old.

The Northern Irish singer admitted to camera: “I’m like Oh My God, she’s so much better than me.”

But Sophie blew away Will and J Marie in rehearsals.

“I’m actually surprised at how good she is, especially for a 17 year old,” J Marie said. “It’d be gutting to be beaten by Sophie, because I want this so much.

“To not move on to the next level will be devastating.”

Even the pair’s coach, Will, confessed he was shocked by how powerful Sophie’s voice is.

“I thought J Marie had it all sown up, and I thought and I felt bad for pairing them,” he said, “But then Sophie is all like dun de dun dun!”

The duo gave an amazing performance of Firework by Katy Perry, and Will’s fellow coaches were split on who to take through.

But it was down to Will to decide.

He said: "Sophie, when you came on this stage, I forgot you were 17 and I thank you for that.

"And, J Marie Cooper super-duper... you know, 27, that’s the age I was when I met Fergie. 17 is the age I was when I started the Peas.

"Now I have to choose which version of myself to move forward with. This is hard, this is very hard. Okay, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the person I was when I was 17, so I’m going to go with Sophie."

Watch [tag]Sophie Griffin[/tag] take on J Marie Cooper on The Voice UK below...

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