The Voice UK battle rounds: Hannah Berney makes the live shows! (VIDEO)


Exeter cheerleader Hannah Berney was about to out perform Murray Hockridge on The Voice UK tonight to win a spot in the live shows.

The pair were pitted against one another by coach Danny O'Donoghue as he whittled down the ten acts in his team to five.

Hannah said: “Murray is a lovely guy and he’s the same age as my dad, but at the same time I may use the fact that I am 20 and I have lots of energy.”

But Murray found it hard to get into the grove, complaining: “I’m not a dancer, I concentrate on feeling it rather than shaking the booty as it were.”

Danny warned him: “We’re looking for performance, we know you guys can sing, we want you to show what you can do.”

He added: “If this isn’t what you do then there’s no point of you being here.”

Hannah on the other hand showed no lack of confidence.

“There’s only one thing to do and that’s to go into the ring and outperform Murray,” the Exeter Uni student said.

Hannah and Murrah took on Kylie and Robbie's Kids in a bid to win a spot in the finals.

Making his decision, Danny said: "The person I’m going to take through to the live shows with me is Hannah."

Watch [tag]Hannah Berney[/tag] and Murray Hockridge below...