The Voice UK: Duo Matt and Sueleen make the live shows for Team Tom

Matt and Sueleen (The Voice UK)

Duo Matt & Sueleen were able to overpower Lindsay Butler on The Voice UK this evening to win a spot on the live shows.

"It was a bit of a shock to be paired up with two people," Lindsay admitted.

However Sir Tom insisted: "I don't think Lindsay should be worried, she has a very expressive voice which can easily overpower Matt and Sueleen."

He added: "When you have one voice singing against two, one can shine."

The trio performed Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen before Sir Tom had to make his decision.

He said: "Matt & Sueleen, the harmonies were really, really good. That’s fantastic.

"Lindsey- you have a unique sounding voice. So the three of you are fantastic."

Making his final choice, Sir Tom added: "I think to go with me into the live shows, is going to be Matt & Sueleen."