The Voice UK finalists: Meet Team Danny's artists!

Danny O'Donoghue (The Voice UK)

The Voice UK battle rounds concluded this evening and left us with our final teams! Each coach now has five artists in their groups who will compete in the live shows, but who is fighting on behalf of Danny O'Donoghue?

Over the pass two days, The Script frontman chose youngster [tag]Aleks Josh[/tag], former Lady [tag]Bo Bruce[/tag], stunning cheerleader [tag]Hannah Berney[/tag], rocker [tag]Max Milner[/tag] and stand out star [tag]David Julien[/tag] to make the live shows.

Profile Team Danny below!

Aleks JoshAleks Josh

17 from Stevenage

Blind Audition: Sang Jason Mraz’s ‘I’m yours’ where Danny and turned for him.

Battle Rounds: Aleks V Emmy J Mac sang ‘Broken Strings’

Part-time lifeguard Aleks says music has been crucial to his life – he left school early and music gave him some focus and kept him out of trouble.


Bo BruceBo Bruce

27 from Wiltshire

Blind Audition: Bo turned Usher and David Guetta’s ‘Without You’ on its head and gave it a chilled edge. Both and Danny wanted her on their team.

Battle Rounds: B V Vince Freeman sang ; ‘With Or Without You’.

After some wayward teenage years, Bo feels she has come a long way, bringing her to a crossroads that will determine the rest of her musical career.


Max MilnerDavid Julien

23 from Manchester

Blind Audition: Brave David sang The Scripts hit ‘The Man that Can’t Be Moved’ with Danny and both turning for him.

Battle Rounds: David V John James Newman sang ‘Dakota’

David quit his job as a supermarket shelf-stacker to become a full time singer. David was quiet in school, but found his voice once he sang to an audience of his school peers for the first time aged 15. His Dad is his biggest fan and never misses a gig.


Hannah BerneyHannah Berney

21 from Chepstow

Blind Audition: Hannah sang Lady Gaga’s ‘You and I’ with Danny and Tom both eager to have her on their team.

Battle Rounds: Hannah V Murray Hockridge sang ‘Kids’

Hannah is studying History and French at University. She is also a cheerleader in her spare time. Hannah wants to prove that there is more to her than long blonde hair and high-kicks.


Max MilnerMax Milner

21 from London

Blind Audition: sang a mash-up of Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ and ‘Come Together’ by The Beatles which led to Danny, Jessie and Will all turning for him.

Battle Rounds: Max V Bill sang ‘Beggin’

Currently carving out a career for himself in musical theatre, Max has played the lead in the UK tour of Footloose.

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