The Voice UK: Jaz Ellington’s suicide attempts revealed

Jaz Ellington - The Voice UK

The Voice UK star Jaz Ellington tried to commit suicide twice, his wife Kirsten has revealed.

In an exclusive interview with The People, Jaz’s pregnant wife Kirsten revealed how Jaz become depressed after the death his pal in a gangland war.

Jaz was in a really horrible place," Kirsten explained. “He was in a lot of pain and couldn’t see a way out. Fabian’s death really rocked him and stirred up lots of memories from his past which isn’t my place to go into."

The singing teacher also suffered after failing to make it in the music industry, having been rejected by The X Factor.

“He had knockback after knockback Things didn’t pan out as he expected. He has an amazing voice but he isn’t a typical boyband-type singer," Jaz's wife told the newspaper. “At least one industry boss told him he was too fat to be a success.

“In the end the rejections destroyed his confidence and left him broken. Not making it through to the X Factor live finals was the final straw."

She went on: “It was such a public failure and he felt he’d been exposed and humiliated. Weeks after that he went to Vauxhall Bridge and thought about jumping off.

“I don’t know what would have happened if his friends hadn’t found him. Thankfully they managed to talk him round and get him in their car.

“Days later he took some pills and mixed it with alcohol, hoping it would kill him. He told me afterwards he just wanted to make the pain go away.

“He’s got scars on his arms from when he used to self-harm.

“It was only after he was hospitalised he began to realise he could turn his life around."

Fortunately Jaz's life is now on the up, having made the live shows of The Voice UK last night and preparing for the birth of his first child.

“It’s almost like a fairy tale because it has all worked out. I know Jaz will be a great dad. We’re both very excited," Kirsten said.

She added: “I’m so proud of what Jaz has achieved on The Voice. I’m not worried it will trigger a relapse because that low period is behind him now."

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