Tyler James emerges victorious in The Voice UK Battle Rounds (VIDEO)

Heshima Thompson, Tyler James - The Voice UK Battles

Tyler James has won a spot in The Voice UK's live shows after facing a tough Battle Round challenge with opponent Heshima Thompson.

The duo's coach Will.i.am took them by surprise by asking them to rehearse and perform Chris Brown dance track 'Yeah 3X'.

The Black Eyed Pea explained: "I threw this curveball at you on purpose. I need to know who has the ability to just figure out how they're gonna overcome that obstacle to think about the problem."

Tyler seemed to take the song in his stride, but Heshima was less than impressed. "It's not a singer's song," he complained. "If your heart's not in something it's so hard to give, and I can't pretend to love something if I don't."

But Heshima felt a bit more comfortable after a studio rehearsal with the band, and he won over Jessie J in their final performance.

"Tyler, I love the fact that you put your own spin on that," said the 'Do It Like A Dude' singer. Heshima, I felt like you try and cram so much in and I think you can afford to hold back a bit, but your vocals are amazing.

"Tough, tough, I'd take through Heshima I think."

Tom Jones, however, backed Tyler, reasoning that he was more 'interesting'.

"I wanted to see how we could flip it up and I'm proud of both of you," said Will. "Tyler, you really knocked me out, but Heshima, like, every lick was incredible."

He eventually decided to take Tyler to the live shows, but urged Heshima not to abandon music as he has 'everything that the world needs in an artist'.

In a chat with the other coaches, Will later added: "Tyler went to the band. He's the one that created that whole thing. He told the band how to do it. An artist is a person that knows how to work with the band.

"There's a bunch of people who know how to sing, he knows how to mould."

Watch Tyler and Heshima's Battle Round performance below...

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