The Voice UK: Toni Warne outsings Kirsten Joy in their Battle Round (VIDEO)

Toni Warne - The Voice UK BattlesToni Warne has bagged a place in The Voice UK's live shows after emerging victorious in her Battle Round sing-off with Kirsten Joy.

Seeking to set them a challenge, coach Jessie J asked the 'powerful' singers to try their hand at Aretha Franklin track 'Think'.

Alopecia sufferer Toni was nervous, commenting: "I'm worried that if The Voice did end for me my confidence would go backwards. To walk out of here and not win the battle just doesn't seem like an option."

Kirsten was equally as eager to triumph, arguing: "Toni's got life experience that I haven't got, but I've been working really hard to achieve my dream of being a solo artist and I am giving it everything."

After a closely matched performance, described the pair as 'singing ninja assasins', exclaiming: "I didn't think two voices can sound like a choir. It's like, I thought I was hearing a choir!"

An impressed Danny O'Donoghue added: "Both of you were outstanding."

Jessie then had to decide who would go through, and who would go home.

"You two are probably two of the best female voices that I've heard in the UK," she said. "Toni,  you don't need a visual to hear the pain and the passion and the understanding of how much music is in your heart. Kirsten, I see how much sparkle is in your eyes and how much you want this.

"I love you girls, you know that, right? Don't cry because I'll cry. The person that I'm gonna be taking through to live is Toni."

As an excited Toni met her loved ones, she cried: "When I stood on that stage I actually believed I could do it. I'm just beginning my dream."

Meanwhile, Jessie said to her fellow coaches: "That was TV history. That's how good that was. I would be so proud if I sung that."

Watch a clip of Kirsten and Toni's performance below...

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