TellyMix's spoilerific sneak peek at The Voice UK's battle rounds

Voice UK battles - Vince Kidd v Jessica Hammond

The Voice UK battle rounds kick off tonight, and TellyMix have been lucky enough to get a sneak peek at what's to come.

This evening will see 9 of the 20 battles, as 18 of the Voice UK artists fight for a place in the live shows, but only half will make it.

With so much great talent, you can't help but wish that some artists weren't that good, as it makes deciding who to send home all so difficult.

Kicking off the show are [tag]Joelle Moses[/tag] and [tag]Jenny Jones[/tag], two big diva vocalists who provide one hell of a performance of I’m Every Woman by Chaka Khan.

We're then treated to more Holly Willoughby screentime than has been in all of the blind auditions combined, before we see [tag]Max Milner[/tag] take on [tag]Bill Downs[/tag].

Their coach Danny admits: "I think the UK is looking at me thinking 'You're an idiot for putting these two together in the same ring'."

But with Danny's choice made, who will he send home?

TV history is then made, at least if Jessie J is to be believed, as [tag]Kirsten Joy[/tag] and [tag]Toni Warne[/tag] battle each other.

It's one of our personal highlights as backing singer Kirsten bursts out of the shadows to shine on Aretha Franklin's Think. Neither of these artists deserve to go home, but Jessie must choose one.

[tag]Bo Bruce[/tag] faces an unlikely opponent in the form of [tag]Vince Freeman[/tag]. The pair surprisingly compliment each other well on their duet of With or Without You, it's calming and relaxing, and we'd buy it tomorrow if it was on sale!

[tag]Tyler James[/tag] faces Heshima Thompson in what is perhaps the weakest but also the most dramatic battle of the show.

There's real tension in the air as reveals that he wants the pair to perform Chris Brown track Yeah 3X, and Heshima even clashes with Will in rehearsals over the performance.

[tag]Vince Kidd[/tag] then faces off against [tag]Jessica Hammond[/tag] on an AH-MAY-ZING take on Rihanna's We Found Love. The fact that the show has to lose one of these fine talents is a crying shame, but whoever goes is sure to leave to a fantastic career.

[tag]Jaz Ellington[/tag] is then seen taking on [tag]Jay Norton[/tag], which sees the coaches clash over the pairing.

"Television isn't ready for the talent on this show," Jessie remarks.

Closing the evening of performances is [tag]Ruth Brown[/tag] and Denise Pearson, another pair of big powerhouse vocalists. It's a tough decision for Sir Tom, who even sheds a few tears as he reveals who he is taking through to the live shows.

Tune into the Voice UK tonight at 7PM on BBC one to watch the battles and find out the results.

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The show continues tomorrow night at 7:30PM.

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