The Voice UK live shows: Danny O'Donoghue says Team Tom are the front runners

Tom Jones (The Voice UK)

Danny O'Donoghue reckons that Sir Tom Jones and his artists are the current front runners to win The Voice UK.

After the weekend's two battle shows, each of the four coaches now has five artists each, which they will take through to the live shows on Saturday.

“Initially I thought Tom had the weakest team but now I have seen him become a front runner," Danny admitted this week. "He got real trigger happy on the first day of filming.

"He literally had five people on the first day, so I said ‘Dude, you need to slow down.’

"We had three more days of filming. But everyone has got acts that could win. It is going to be exciting.”

Revealing the reasons behind the choices for his final five, Danny added: “I have done my homework, I know the stats. I have gone for the likability factor and all my artists are nice and with integrity.

"I would put money on at least three of mine, if they don’t win it, to go on to become top artists."

The Voice UK live shows air this Saturday and Sunday on BBC One.

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