The Voice UK live shows 'different from X Factor', says Danny O'Donoghue

Danny O'Donoghue (The Voice UK)

The Voice UK live shows kick off this weekend, but coach Danny O'Donoghue has told viewers to expect something very different to The X Factor.

Danny said that The Voice UK shows wouldn't focus on "old" things like 60s nights, and instead focus on moulding the artists into stars.

The Script star explained: "Now we are going to the live stages, we’ve got weeks and months of experience with the people. We can really shape and mould them.

“It is really interesting."

Taking a swipe at The X Factor's method of promoting its contestants at showbiz events, Danny went on: "It is not like we are going to say let’s bring them to a street corner to sing, or saying ‘I’m going to bring them to a red carpet because it’s fun’, viewers are bored of that stuff, they really are. Let’s do photo shoots, let’s have 60s night, everyone knows all that stuff, it’s old.

“It is getting rid of all of that stuff, it is actually doing what is really required of you in the music industry and that is having your own opinions making your own decisions about music."

And he added: “As long as the talent keeps turning out the way it is, and the BBC keep doing what they are doing, we can beat BGT. But we are not competing, we are our own show.

"We are not an all-out talent show, we are a singing competition.”

The Voice UK live shows start at 7PM on BBC One this weekend.

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