The Voice UK: Becky Hill completes Team Jessie J! (VIDEO)

The Voice UK

The Voice UK hopeful Becky Hill joined Team Jessie J tonight, after causing an argument between her and will!

The ambitious youngster was seen performing a take on John Legend classic Ordinary People on this evening's final show.

"I don't remember when I first started singing but I'm really passionate about it. I want to be like Elton John or Queen," the student explained beforehand. "I want to be someone people remember in 50 years time."

Before stepping out in front of the coaches (or at least their backs), Becky added: "When I get on that stage I hope to God I just block everything out because I have a feel it's going to be incredible."

The 17-year-old immediately got both and Jessie to press their buzzers, leaving the youngster with a tough choice to make.

"BECKY! You are the reason I came on this show," Jessie told her. "Here's the deal, I have nine people and I want you to be the last person on my team."

She added: "For you to have to sung that song on par, if not slightly better than the original... I would be excited to help and write songs for you." tried to persuade Becky to join his artists, saying: "That song as special for me [Will co-wrote the track], you took something that's dear to me... but sung it her way and wow it's beautiful."

Making her choice, Becky said: "Okay, I'm going to make my decision, purely because you're female.. Jessie J!"

Watch [tag]Becky Hill[/tag]'s blind Voice UK audition below...

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