The Voice UK: John James Newman completes Team Danny! (VIDEO)

John James Newman - The Voice UK

33-year-old John James Newman completed Team Danny on The Voice UK tonight, as he won himself a place in next week's battle rounds.

The singer comes from a family of famous faces, with the performer explaining to host Reggie Yates: "My father is in a band called The Marmalade, my brother is in Waterloo Road, there's always been a big performance aspect of my family."

He added: "I looked up to my dad on stage and thought I've wanted to do that, I'm so proud of my dad and my brother, we're a tight, tight family."

John James performed a mash up of Pack Up and Don't Worry, Be Happy, to have both Sir Tom and Danny turn around.

"I thought you sounded great and you came across very strong to me, I need someone with a voice like you on my team," Sir Tom told him.

Danny argued: "You have an incredible voice, it sounds so old but so current at the same time You're the one to watch."

Making his decision, John James opted to complete Danny's team.

Watch [tag]John James Newman[/tag] on The Voice UK below...

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