The Voice UK: accuses Danny of copying him! (The Voice UK)

The Voice UK coach has accused Danny O'Donoghue of copying him every time he presses his buzer.

The rival coaches will be seen tonight battling it out over acts as the final auditions take place, but Danny insists it's just a coincidence!

"We tend to turn for the same people, and as soon as I turn around it’s like ‘Oh, he’s already here!’," remarks Danny in this evening's show. "It was weird because every time I turned around, he was there."

The Script star added: "I guess it still remains to be seen, who is actually copying who."

For however there was no question about it, hitting back: "I turn and then that’s why his chair turns around after mine!"

He added: "We know damn well that I wasn’t following his button pushing. That’s tactics, I don’t have tactics, I have tictacs because I stay fresh!"

The Voice UK continues tonight on BBC One.

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