The Voice UK spoilers: Battle Round pairings revealed!

The duos who will be competing against each other in The Voice UK Battle Rounds have been confirmed - read on to see the full list!

This weekend's double bill of the hit BBC One talent contest sees, Jessie J, Tom Jones and Danny O'Donoghue face the unenviable task of whittling their ten singers down to five for the live shows.

After splitting their teams in to pairs, each coach will be joined by a star advisor to develop their acts' vocal abilities and performance techniques.

Once their training is complete, each duo will perform a 'battle' duet, singing the same song at the same time in front of an audience. Their coach must then decide which artist will make the final twenty - and which will go home.

Find out who is facing who below, and tune in this Saturday at 7.00pm and Sunday at 7.30pm to see the results! (The Voice UK)Team

[tag]Heshima Thompson[/tag] vs. [tag]Tyler James[/tag]
[tag]Joelle Moses[/tag] vs. [tag]Jenny Jones[/tag]
[tag]Frances Wood[/tag] vs. [tag]Kate Read[/tag]
[tag]J Marie Cooper[/tag] vs. [tag]Sophie Griffin[/tag]
[tag]Jay Norton[/tag] vs. [tag]Jaz Ellington[/tag]

Jessie J (The Voice UK)Team Jessie J

[tag]Jessica Hammond[/tag] vs. [tag]Vince Kidd[/tag]
[tag]David Faulkner[/tag] vs. [tag]Cassius Henry[/tag]
[tag]Toni Warne[/tag] vs. [tag]Kirsten Joy[/tag]
[tag]Ben Kelly[/tag] vs. [tag]Ruth Ann St Luce[/tag]
[tag]Indie and Pixie[/tag] vs. [tag]Becky Hill[/tag]

Tom Jones (The Voice UK)Team Tom Jones

[tag]Adam Isaac[/tag] vs. [tag]Denise Morgan[/tag]
[tag]Matt and Sueleen Fletcher[/tag] vs. [tag]Lindsay Butler[/tag]
[tag]Deniece Pearson[/tag] vs. [tag]Ruth Brown[/tag]
[tag]Barbara Bryceland[/tag] vs. [tag]Leanne Mitchell[/tag]
[tag]Aundrea Nyle[/tag] vs. [tag]Sam Buttery[/tag]

Danny O'Donoghue (The Voice UK)Team Danny O'Donoghue

[tag]Bill Downs[/tag] vs. [tag]Max Milner[/tag]
[tag]David Julien[/tag] vs. [tag]John James Newman[/tag]
[tag]Aleks Josh[/tag] vs. [tag]Emmy J Mac[/tag]
[tag]Hannah Berney[/tag] vs. [tag]Murray Hockridge[/tag]
[tag]Bo Bruce[/tag] vs. [tag]Vince Freeman[/tag]

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