The Voice UK auditions: 'Lady' Bo Bruce joins Team Danny! (VIDEO)

Bo Bruce (The Voice UK)

27-year-old Bo Bruce wowed the Voice UK panel this evening, joining Team Danny after a performance of Without Out.

The singer, real name Lady Lady Catherine Anna Brudenell-Bruce, told hosts Holly and Reggie that she was glad that the coaches wouldn't know anything about her background before singing.

Bo complained: “All my life I feel like people have come to conclusions about what I’m like just because I have a posh name or I went to a posh school.

“People think I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth but it hasn’t been like that and I’ve fought that for a while.”

Performing the David Guetta and Usher track, both and Danny pressed their buzzers. told her: "I didn't turn around because I was copying Danny, I turned around because you didn't sing that song anything like Usher, which was daring and you put your style on it it which was refreshing, you're awesome."

The Script star Danny added: "I wast looking for anything else but that voice. One thing i came on the show to find was a unique voice that stands out and I believe you have that type of voice."

The pair of coaches then got fiery over Bo, with Danny suggesting she should join his team because they probably share the same record collection. retorted: "We probably share the same soup!"

Making her decision, Bo told the pair: "I think... I am really honored that you turned around Will and I think you'd be amazing Will but I think I'm going to have a lot more in common with Danny so I choose you."

Will joked: "I guess she doesn't like Miso soup."

Watch [tag]Bo Bruce[/tag]'s Voice UK audition below...

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