The Voice UK coaches clash over artists as competition heats up

Coaches (The Voice UK)

The Voice UK coaches are seen clashing tonight as the competition heats up.

With only a few spots left in each of their teams, Jessie J, Sir Tom Jones and Danny O'Donoghue are seen arguing over the hopefuls.

But these arguments are unlike those who you'll see on The X Factor, with the group actually clashing because they're trying to help one another! is by the most vocal, getting angry with Danny O'Donoghue when he fails to turn around for one hopeful.

The Black Eyed Peas star snaps: "I kept saying Danny, you need to turn around.
"Next time I won’t be telling ya'll what to do"

Jessie J then gets annoyed with Will after he implies she's too new to the industry for one wannabe.

She retorts: "I’ve been signed for seven years; I've not just come from nowhere overnight!"

Meanwhile the three guys of the panel are seen thinking that Jessie made a mistake on one singer.

Will bitches: "She pushed for a girl she shouldn't have picked, the singer was going all over the place."

Danny agreed, saying: "She was singing in a different pitch to the song."

Sir Tom quipped: "Maybe the band were just playing in the wrong key."

Acts appearing this weekend include former actress Allyson Brown, ex-X Factor hopeful Joelle Moses and Welsh beauty Hannah Berney.

Tune into The Voice UK tonight for more drama, plenty of tears and some truly brilliant voices!

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