Wacky Jessie J fan breaks her leg to be just like the singer!

Jessie J (The Voice UK)

A wacky fan of Voice UK coach Jessie J broke her to try and be more like the singer, it's been claimed!

The Sun reports that the teenage fan even sent Jessie pictures and X-rays of her crumpled limb, after seeing Jessie's cast last year after she fell during a performance rehearsal.

The rather weird fan also sent the singer disturbing messages, including: "I will do anything to be just like you."

A source told the tabloid: "She's horrified this happened. Jessie's a really, really sensitive and kind girl who loves keeping in touch with her fans.

"But this incident was just too much for her and she ended up getting really frightened and upset.

"She was sad that a fan hurt herself to look like her — but she was also scared for her own safety."

Jessie originally broke her leg last summer, but continued to walk on the foot assuming it was just a sprain. The injury will leave her with pain in her foot for life, after doctors did their best after Jessie eventually did go to hospital!

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