ITV1 ban any mention of The Voice UK on their shows!


ITV bosses have reportedly banned any mention of The Voice UK on their channels after its early success in the ratings last weekend.

The opening episode of the new reality series was watched by close to 10 million viewers, and it beat ITV1 show Britain's Got Talent by 3 million viewers as the two programmes overlapped for 20 minutes.

According to the Daily Mirror, ITV execs have banned features and interviews with the Voice's artists and coaches on their shows, including Daybreak and This Morning, which is hosted by Voice star Holly Willoughby.

An ITV insider told the newspaper this morning: “Instructions have come from the very top at ITV – nothing on the network is allowed to promote The Voice in any way.

“The bosses have gone ballistic that shows on our channels have been plugging a rival.

“ITV are doing everything they possibly can to make sure The Voice isn’t the huge hit the BBC hopes for.”

The two shows will continue to go head to head tomorrow night, and its feared by ITV that future clashes could continue to damage BGT's ratings.

However with £22 million invested in the new show, the Beeb are going all out to make sure it's a success.

A supposed ITV source defended its stance, telling the tabloid: “The BBC regularly bans our stars from promoting ITV shows on their channel.”

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