The Voice UK: Max Milner almost chose!

Max Milner (The Voice UK)

The Voice UK hopeful Max Milner has revealed he was torn between choosing and Danny O'Donoghue after they both turned around during his blind audition at the weekend.

Max, who performed a stunning mash up for The Beatles Come Together and Eminem track Loose Yourself, also convinced Jessie J to press her buzzer.

But for the 23-year-old rocker, it was always going to be a battle between Will and Danny.

In his post-audition interview, below, Max explains: "I set out, if I could have got him, to go with Danny because I’m so similar to him.

"I also just liked the fact that he jammed back and at one point he gave me a wink and I was like 'Yeah, I’ll probably go with you, Mr Relaxed!'”

He continued: “He’s a guitarist, I think I sound similar to him, his music is incredible, I just think we'll work amazingly together. I think we will gel very well.”

Danny told Max after the audition: "What I loved was, you got those two songs together and mash ted them in and made them yours.

"I think you're great."

Watch Max's Voice UK interview below...

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