The Voice UK: Max Milner joins Team Danny, but girlfriend Twinnie-Lee is rejected!

The Voice UK - Max Milner

Max Milner became Danny O'Donoghue's first team member on tonight's opening Voice UK episode, but girlfriend Twinnie-Lee Moore - who was also auditioning - failed to get a single coach to turn around.

Max went first, performing Eminem hit Lose Yourself mixed with The Beatles track Come Together, with, Jessie J and Danny O'Donoghue all turning around.

"Well done!" Jessie told him, "I think you're someone very special. What you did with the two songs was very, very interesting and that's what's having a voice is all about, exploring things, and that's why I want you on my team." added: "You don't just have a voice, you're an artist. That's big."

"You got them two songs together and mashed them in and made them yours," Danny said, "I think you're great. Do you have any Irish in your family?"

Making his choice, Max said: "I know who I'm going with... I'm going to with this person because they're very similar to me... so I'm going to go with Danny!"

Speaking afterwards, said: "I think he made the wrong choice, I think he went with what he was comfortable with."

Twinnie-Lee went next, performing a cover of Miley Cyrus track The Climb, however none of the coaches pressed the buzzer.

"I didn't feel it and you didn't really make it your own," Sir Tom told her.

Watch [tag]Max Milner[/tag] audition for The voice UK below...

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