Reggie Yates has been going on about how credible The Voice UK is again

Reggie (The Voice UK)

The Voice UK co-host Reggie Yates can't seem to stop telling everyone just how credible the new show is, and has been at it again this morning.

In an interview with the Daily Star, the Radio 1 DJ wheeled out his word of the month more than a few times as he spoke about the upcoming series.

Talking about fronting the show, he explained: "For me it’s about a show that’s credible. I’ve only ever done shows I believe in, which is why it’s taken me this long to find a top Saturday night show that I really want to do.

“In terms of big mainstream talent shows, it’s tough to find a show that’s credible. This actually feels like it ticks that box.”

Reggie also denied that he was worried about going head to head with Britain's Got Talent in the Saturday night ratings battle.

He told the newspaper: “We’re not trying to clash or compare or do anything like that. We are completely in our own lane and we genuinely can’t be any more different to anything Simon Cowell is doing on the other channels.

“I’m not even looking at what they are doing or how their shows are being fronted. What we’re doing is unlike anything I’ve ever seen in the UK before. I’m so proud of it. Even if only five people watch I will still be chuffed because it’s a bloody good show.”

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The Voice UK starts this Saturday at 7PM on BBC One.

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