The Voice UK auditions: Jessie J hoping to find a singer like herself!

Jessie J (The Voice UK)

The Voice UK coach Jessie J has revealed she's looking for her own "mini-me" at the show's blind auditions.

Speaking at the launch of the new series, Jessie explained how she was keeping an ear out for singers who reminded her of herself.

"Everything that I look for is probably something that I look for in myself," she told reporters. "For me it's just about looking for someone that really wants it and I'm all about vocals, forget all the styling and everything that goes along with being a female pop person.

"I train every single day, I sing every single day, and that's something I want to see in someone else."

At just 23, Jessie is by far the youngest of the show's panel, but the confident performer can't wait to get stuck in.

She adds: "I'm still very much in the early days so it's lovely to be able to be on the other side of it while I’m still living what I'm doing."

And Jessie revealed her tactics for winning the show with one of her acts is not to go too soft.

The 'Do It Like A Dude' singer admitted: "The first thing I did with my team was make them watch all their blind auditions together, and I was really honest with them, like 'that is terribly out of tune, let’s work on this.'"

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