Jessie J meets her look-a-like at The Voice UK auditions

Jessie J (The Voice UK)

The Voice UK judge Jessie J came face to face with her look-alike at the show's auditions earlier this year, after Melissa Frayne joined the singer on stage.

The Sun reports how Melissa, who not only looks like Jessie but is also the same age and shares a similar upbringing and heart defect, was spotted in the audience.

"Oh my God, you're freaking me out," Jessie reacted on seeing what could've quiet possibly been a long lost twin sister.

Model Melissa currently works as a Jessie J look-a-like, having even confused agencies when scouting for work.

Melissa, told the newspaper: "The resemblance is more than uncanny — we look like identical twins. I sent a picture of myself to a lookalike agency and the boss called to say, 'We need a picture of you, not Jessie J.'

"People ask me for my autograph in the street."

And the 23-year-old from Milton Keynes has also been mistaken for the real thing by the 'Domino' star's own security team.

Recalling how she was once stopped by a guard at a Jessie J gig, Melissa revealed: "He told me, 'What are you doing here? We need to get you to the performers' entrance.'

"But there is one big difference between us — I can't sing a note."

Check out pictures for the pair together on The Sun website and tell us what you think!

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