BBC pays £22 million for two series of The Voice, to air until 2014


The BBC has already purchased TWO series of reality series The Voice, it has been revealed. The broadcaster announces yesterday that it would be airing the show after negotiations with creator John De Mol, the man behind the world's biggest reality series Big Brother.

It is understood that in a brief bidding war ITV offered MORE than the BBC for the show - around £30 million - but were not prepared to purchase more than a single series of the show upfront.

The deal with the BBC works out at around £650,000 per episode - around the same as The X Factor - but without the ability to make money from advertising or product placement.

Last night the TaxPayers’ Alliance told the Daily Mail: "The BBC often justifies the licence fee by telling the public that it provides unique content. Spending millions on what viewers might consider to be a rip-off of X Factor risks making a mockery of that claim."

The first series of the show is expected to air on Saturday nights between January and March in 2012, with a second series in early 2013.

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