Louis Walsh says he'll do The Voice - as long as the money is right!

Louis Walsh

Current X Factor judge Louis Walsh has said he'll be more than happy to take part in The Voicd, as long as they pay him enough. Speaking to the Daily Star, the Irish music mogul also admitted that he isn’t worried about the new show hurting The X Factor.

Both the ITV and BBC are reportedly in a bidding war for the show, which has become a surprise hit in the US, where Xtina and Cee Lo Green are amongst the judges.

Despite the threat from new competition however, Louis said he wasn't concerned. “There’s no way it will beat X Factor – it doesn’t stand a chance. The BBC don’t pay their judges enough to get the best people to make it exciting for viewers,” he told the paper.

But Louis was quick not to dimiss any chance of him appearing on the show, revealing: “I’ll do anything as long as they pay me enough. It’s just a job at the end of the day. I’ve enjoyed being a guest judge on Britain’s Got Talent a few times, so I’d consider that if they offered enough money.”

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