The Voice UK's Olly Murs reveals his tactics for victory

Olly Murs

The Voice UK's brand new coach Olly Murs has revealed his plans to win the series.

The former X Factor star joins Jennifer Hudson, and Sir Tom Jones on the new series.

And as the auditions air, Olly has been speaking about his plans for building a winning team.

Olly said: "My strategy is just to pick a really good team and I think everyone on the panel just wants to find a star, that is what it is all about and to give our knowledge and advice and try and coach a big star.

"That is the whole point and hopefully give these guys the opportunity that we were given. That is the only strategy I have.

Olly Murs, Jennifer Hudson, Sir Tom Jones and
Olly Murs, Jennifer Hudson, Sir Tom Jones and

"It is very difficult, maybe ask me next year and I will maybe have a different strategy if I am doing the show because I’ll probably have a bit more experience but at the moment it is just about picking the right team. I am just really happy that we have all got really good teams and really strong singers."

Olly, who was runner up on The X Factor in 2009, continued: "What I am looking for is someone who isn’t like anyone else already out there. I want people who are individuals and characters, people who are different. I am looking for a team which is full of individuality and uniqueness.

"There is no point in me trying to compete with Sir Tom Jones or Jennifer Hudson as they are going to go for the big singers, the big divas or operatic singers, so to me I am looking for a pop voice but also people who are unique and charismatic characters."

Meanwhile, Olly revealed his fellow coaches had been playing some dirty tricks during the blind auditions.

He explained: "I think Will is probably the most competitive that I saw, he was trying to get into my head and trying to convince me to turn when maybe I shouldn’t but that is what it is all about.

olly murs the voice

"It is all fun and games and I think especially when you are on The Voice UK it becomes ultra-competitive because one of us is going to win the show with the team we have got and obviously we all want to have a really good team and we all want to win."

Olly added: "I think there is always going to be that nice little competitive edge and I think Will always brings that. I love it, it is all banter for me, I like it when people are testing me out and having fun with me, it is great."

The Voice UK 2018 airs Saturday nights on ITV.

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