The Voice UK judges hit back as show gets lowest ever viewing figures


The Voice UK 2017 coaches have spoken out about the show's record low viewing figures.

Numbers for this year's series dipped to just 3.4 million viewers this month, setting an all time record low for the show.

On BBC, ratings only ever dropped below 4 million the once in five years, and that was during an out-of-place show which aired on a Friday night back in 2013.

The current series - the first to air on ITV - is sure to be the least watched yet but and Sir Tom Jones don't believe it.

The Voice UK coaches
The Voice UK coaches

"I don’t know where they’re getting the real numbers and I don’t know how they know who’s watching and who’s not," Sir Tom told the Daily Mirror newspaper. “I don’t believe it 100% because there’s so many people that I know watching it.

“I mean they’re not millions, but they’re all like, ‘We love The Voice’, and if so many people are positive about it how can it have taken a dive?”

He claimed: “It doesn’t seem possible to me as to how that can happen, because this is as strong as it’s ever been.

“The talent on this show is as good or even better than it’s ever been.” meanwhile suggested that TV viewing figures no longer accurately represent popularity.

The Voice UK coaches
Gavin Rossdale, Sir Tom Jones, Jennifer Hudson and

“I want to see the stats on previews, retapes, YouTube, Twitter engagement and all that stuff -I bet you it was higher than it was in the past years," he told the tabloid. “If you’re only looking at tv then we’re blinded to the gravitas of the viewership and engagement.

“It’s changing, it’s just called the times. Everyone has mobiles, everyone is out in the world, fewer people are sitting down and watching tv."

The Voice UK 2017 concludes on ITV this Saturday and Sunday night with the grand final.

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