Advertisements claims The Voice UK was 'boring' on BBC One

The Voice - Episode 9 has claimed that The Voice UK became "boring" on the BBC.

The music legend, who has been a coach on The Voice UK since Day 1, says last year's series in particular had "lost it".


"Did the show need re-energising? Yes, especially after last season," he told The Sun on Sunday newspaper. “I didn’t know (when we were filming) last seasons’ that it would be slower. You’re just doing your thing – it’s a normal day at work.

“And then you watch it and you’re like: ‘Wow, that’s slow.’ It just lost it. After last year I was bored."

Will says the show is "different" now it's on ITV.


He explained: "The only thing that’s the same is the stage and the V for The Voice.“I love the heart of the show now. I loved it before, don’t get me wrong, but now, if you pay attention, there’s all these little nuances.

“I just love the art of everything. I was afraid when they changed the editor – I was like: ‘Oh my God this is going to be horrible, but it was awesome.”

Meanwhile, some of Will's other comments about last year's show haven't gone down well with everybody, such as the contestants he used to coach.

The Black Eyed Peas singer said: "The singers last year, there was nothing really memorable. How they picked the talent was like, blah.”


Understandably, those on the show last year weren't too impressed with Will's comments.

Vangelis Polydorou - who made the live shows on Boy George's team - tweeted: "@BoyGeorge @iamwill it was blah because @iamwill was on it. Personally I would want a singer to judge me...😬 #thereforthemoney"

Team Will's own Lydia Lucy replied: "hahaha 😂 I thought @iamwill said the talent was DOPE??"

Melissa Cavanagh added: "if you can't say anything nice, don't say nothing at all 😂😳"


And Aine Carroll ‏wrote online: "rude😕😬"

The Voice UK 2017 continues Saturday nights on ITV.