The Voice UK's Sir Tom Jones under fire for Leanne Mitchell 'weight jibe'

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Sir Tom Jones has been accused of saying that the first winner of The Voice UK was 'too fat for success'.

Those are the unfortunate claims on the front pages of the tabloids this weekend as The Voice UK launches its sixth series on ITV.


Leanne Mitchell won series one of The Voice UK but her debut album charted at Number 134 back in 2013 before she was dropped from her record label.

Speaking ahead of the new series of The Voice UK, Sir Tom had an unfortunate case of foot in mouth syndrome when he spoke about why Leanne - like other winners from the show - had failed.

"Leanne Mitchell, the girl who won the first one – she was singing at a holiday camp and she still is. And she wasn’t bothered much," Sir Tom is quoted as saying. “When she first came on the show, I thought about [her] trimming down a bit but she had gotten comfortable in this holiday camp and she’d put on some weight from it – from what she was when she was younger and from footage from when she had a record deal from years before."


He continued (Via The Sun): “[She took] the opportunity of winning The Voice and a chance of getting a record deal which she did, but she put on more weight, got more comfortable with the boyfriend who then maybe became her husband.”

Sir Tom went on to say that Leanne "didn’t have the drive" or "that desire" despite praising her "tremendous voice".

The Welsh legend explained: "If you just want to sing at a holiday camp that's what you'll do and that's what she is doing.

"She's satisfied with that so you have to have it within yourself even though you have all the help from the coaches and the show itself, and with all that exposure, you've got to still want it. And then you will do something with it."


In defence of Sir Tom, a source told The Sun newspaper: "Tom was making a point about grasping an opportunity and genuinely meant no offence."

The Voice UK 2017 starts Saturday at 8PM on ITV.