Advertisements is sure The Voice UK will finally produce a star this year The VOice UK

The Voice UK coach is sure the show will finally produce a star this year.

The singing talent contest is moving to ITV and there are a few changes.


One of those is the prize, with record label Polydor on board to look after the eventual winner of the show.

Will, who is the only coach to have been on every series of The Voice UK, thinks it'll help whoever wins to go onto big things.

He took aim at the set up on the BBC, saying: I think it boils down to song choice and that's one of the real reasons why we haven't seen a superstar from the show, because the songs that they've been singing have been like, 'Whatever'.


"And that's one of the reasons why I really feel Polydor in the mix is going to help change that because getting the right songs for the artist is important."

Speaking at The Voice UK press launch in London yesterday, Will added: "I just go back to my experience. Every time we would have a new record we would sit down and come to Polydor and play the music for the team and they would help us pick the single.

"That's the care and attention that Polydor put into this scenario that this show has been missing, so I'm really, really excited that we have great partners that are going to help bring a star." will be joined on The Voice UK panel by Sir Tom Jones, Gavin Rossdale and Jennifer Hudson.

The Voice UK starts on ITV at 8PM on Saturday night.