The Voice UK judges react to new blind audition twist


The Voice UK 2017 coaches have given their take on a new change to the show's auditions.

The Voice moves to ITV this year but there will be a few twists to the format.


In the first stages, the blind auditions, coaches will no longer turn and spin for an act at the end of the performance if they didn't press their buzzer.

It means the coaches will never get to see who was behind the voice, in theory at least. confessed: "I peeked afterwards a couple of times!"

Sir Tom Jones added: "It is tough but the thing we realise is that the contestants know that when they come on if we don't turn, they have to go.


"There is no explaining why, so they are prepared for it. It is a test in itself, if you are going to crumble after going to an audition and not get through, you are not prepared for the big time. There is a test right there."

New coach Gavin Rossdale reckons the twist is a good thing.

"I watched a lot of The Voice in America and people can sound disingenuous when they haven't pressed their buttons but turn round and say, 'You are so incredible'," he suggested. "The no turn change stops it being like that.

"It's more dramatic in one way – yet spares some real awkwardness."

Meanwhile, host Emma Willis added: "With this change, they can have more constructive criticism because they are not directing it at someone that they are looking at.

"Maybe we will get different insights into why they haven't turned."

The Voice UK 2017 begins with the first round of blind auditions on ITV this Saturday night (January 7) from 8PM.